Reasons People in the Mining Industry Love What They Are Doing

I know a few people who have worked in the mining industry, and according to them, having a job in such industry is no different from having a job in any industry, except that the benefits are a lot more exciting.


Just like working in any other industry, working in the mines offer a lot of challenges. However, despite the long hours and the seemingly difficult situation in the mines, it seems like the people working there not only love what they are doing, but actually enjoy their jobs. I interviewed some people I know who used to work in the mining industry and out of the answers I have gathered, I’ve found three major things that might be the motivating factors for people working in the mining industry to continue enjoying and loving their jobs.


Opportunities for Travel


Whether they’re travel enthusiasts or not, the opportunity for travelling to different countries and regions is one of the reasons why people in the mining industry love their jobs. Whether it’s a Brazilian, African, or Australian mine site, the thought of travelling to a different country and stay there for a period is really attractive. Yes, it’s true that conditions in mining camps are not always good, and can sometimes even be very harsh, but the fact that one can travel to different places and meet different kinds of people is simply appealing and is one of the reasons people are drawn to jobs in the mines.


Opportunities for Meeting Exciting People


Aside from the opportunity to be in a fresh environment, another motivating factor for people to work in the mining industry is the opportunity set for them to meet co-workers coming from different cultural backgrounds. Working in a cross-cultural environment is always more exciting because it helps workers learn about other cultures, which is always a good way to add some spice to life in the workplace.


Opportunities for Getting Excellent Pay and Benefits


Money is not the only motivating factor for people to secure mining jobs, but there is no question that it is one of the major reasons why people enjoy working in the mines. Regardless of your position, whether you’re an engineer, a site geologist, a manager, a doctor, or even a kitchen staff, the pay is simply exceptional and something you won’t easily find working in a different industry. Aside from the handsome salary, there are also other benefits employees enjoy like the long days off, which give them more time to be with their family and loved ones.


Opportunities for being Part of an Important Industry


The mining industry is a very important one as it brings in millions and even billions of dollars of income and provides work for thousands of people. It has always supported communities and always will, and being part of such an industry can be truly much of an honor.


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